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I need to stop reading comments on political sites, I really do. It makes me ragey.

But I have invented the gay-marriage drinking game to make reading the comments tolerable!

Take a drink every time someone says:

1. So now people will want to marry their dogs/siblings/eight people!

(Because a dog can totally enter into a legal contract, and incest and polygamy have exactly the same legal issues as this.)

2. Marriage is only for making babies!

(Because, as we all know, people who are infertile, past child-bearing age, or just don't want kids aren't allowed to get married.)

3. The Bible says it's wrong!

(Because our laws are based on the Bible, as we can plainly see by the law stating you have to marry your sister-in-law if your brother dies.)

4. It'll destroy the sanctity of marriage!

(Because straight people never cheat on their spouses, get divorced, or do anything to cheapen marriage.)

5. All you perverts in favor of gay marriage are going to hell!

(Because it's not like there's anything in the Bible that says God's the only one who can truly judge people, right?)

6. Gay people have exactly the same rights as straight people: the right to marry someone of the opposite gender!

(Because if it were the other way around, I'm sure people who say this would be perfectly happy marrying someone of their own gender. It's exactly the same right, after all.)

And hey, if we all get smashed, it probably won't seem so insane that so many hate-filled bigots have nothing better to do than scream about what people they don't even know do with their private lives.
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