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One last romp in [livejournal.com profile] camillabloom's universe. 'cause it's just not fic by me without awkwardness. I hope you don't mind, m'dear, and I hope it fulfils at least some of your desire for fluff. :-D

Oh, and the word count for this, including the title? 666. I... don't even know what to say.

(Still PG-13ish, still crack, still the fault of alien mind control.)

Mostly accidentally anyway )
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...and they used it to write comment!fic for a fandom [livejournal.com profile] camillabloom invented singlehandedly. I dunno, I can't fathom their reasons. It's, um. Kind of. Mello/L/Bill Kaulitz. Or something. Looks PG-rated to me.

Wrath with really good fashion sense )

ETA: The aliens are also beaming the thought into my brain that L and Bill have pretty similar hairstyles. And there's the eyeliner (or sleep deprivation). And Operative C's research has turned up other similarities as well. Hmm. If you were totally, truly, not gay, but there was this pretty boy who liked you, you'd probably want to be sure he liked you, right? Y'know, as a point of interest. :D

ETA again. Oh, dear fuck, there's more. This looks PG too. At least the aliens have some discretion. But they are are beaming music directly to my MP3 player. That's the only explanation I have for how that Tokio Hotel got on there.

Mello's not the only one who gets jealous )
Yeah. Slow day at work.
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I wish this bit would fit in the crack!verse story, but I don't think it's going to.

cracky snip )

Every once in a while, I make a fic wishlist. I'm still sad no one has written any Fence backstory. :-( (Someday I might just suck it up and write it myself.) Anyway, here's the Death Note edition.

1. Near/girl!Mello. I don't know why I want this so bad, but I do. So, so bad. "I would have your internets babies if you wrote this" bad. And I put Near first with intent this time (I usually don't worry about the whole order thing). ;-) I don't mean unwilling!girl!Mello, but not-quite-convinced-at-first!girl!Mello would be nice. I wrote just enough of this to know I wasn't the person who should write this. *sigh*

2. Men in Black meets Death Note. J, K, and L working together! You know you want it.

3. That "Top Five Turn-Ons" thing [livejournal.com profile] namine15 and I were giggling over in comments is sitting in the back of my mind, but I so don't need another WIP. 'cause first I'd have to write Mello's top five, and then obviously I'd have to write Near's too. I can totally see Near saying "Nothing gets me hot," and it wouldn't even be a lie, as such, but Mello would fixate on it, like How the fuck can that be?. Heh.

cut for DN novel spoilers? even vague ones? )

ETA: HOLY CRAP I HAVE TO WRITE #4. I can feel it bubbling up in my damn brain. ... oh, fucknuts.
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The crackfic that refuses to die. It's nice to work on something utterly silly when teh pr0nz starts to embarrass me.

Continuing spoilers for the whole series! Plus, you know, cussing.

Part 1 | Part 2

son of way!verse )
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Episode 2!

Continuing spoilers for the whole series. Also, it is the product of a deranged mind.

Part 1 here

Wayverse revisted )


Dec. 7th, 2007 04:21 pm
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OK, let's see how this goes... Want some crackfic, my babies?

I've nicknamed it the wayverse because it sounds cool, and because that Fastball song is still totally the theme music.

Spoilers for the whole series, and PG-13 for Matt's potty mouth.

Utter crack )

Ohh, and I think my non-cracky Matt/Near story is getting close to done. I might send out a plea for a beta pretty soon. I can never keep the damn timeline straight.


Dec. 5th, 2007 02:03 pm
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Now, Takeshi Obata's brain only contains so many character designs. This is a widely believed fact. (E.g., Light = Matt.) It's not a problem, really, given how pretty said designs are, but it does make for the double takes when one sees his new work.

And oh, [livejournal.com profile] capslock_dn. I couldn't stop trying to make sense of this picture.

Purty arts behind the cut )

The cover is so lovely, but the story is so WTF-inducing, I just made up my own little story in which Matt somehow got out of that wall of police, felt bad for Misa and took her away, and later Near raided Mello's closet and decided to join them. Now they travel the world in their magic car, chasing down rumors that Mello is still out there somewhere. Also, they fight crime!

They had to alter their appearances slightly to keep from attracting the attention of Kira's remaining supporters, but you can still tell it's them.

In Episode 1, I think Matt secretly arranges for their hotel room to have only one bed.

Matt: Oh well, what can ya do? We'll just have to share.
Near: It does seem logical...
Misa: Matt, you are such a pervert!
Matt (aside to Misa): I meant all of us.
Misa: Oh. Shutting right up.

ETA: Cripes, I think this thing is gaining a cracky life of its own.

more musings )
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Some random thoughts.

I may be writing a cracktastic crossover that seems less cracktastic the more I think about it. This morning Polly Plummer and Edward Elric were having a chat in my head about parallel universes. It seems like the idea of Narnia would fit into the FMA movie really well with just a little bit of a nudge (spoilery weather ahead... like, what if it's Shamballa?), but I'm almost afraid to go find The Magician's Nephew because I think Polly's timeframe may be a wee bit early.

Speaking of crack, I got my first-ever BPAL shipment yesterday, and I'm wearing Brisingamen right now. It's yummy.

And speaking of FMA, I met a funny British girl in the Japan store in Epcot. I was oohing and aahing over the Roy Mustang doll, and she said "Why do girls always like Roy? Ed is better." Which, yeah, but there's a bit of the naughty sick and wrong in being 32 and thinking an animated teenager is hot.

My layout person on the Book from Hell asked if we could put her in the production credits as Alan Smithee. Heh.


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