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...but it has not yet taught me right from left.[1]

The fic that has eat my brain, she 3200 words now and has keep me up til 5 AM twice. Also, I now am expert on Oktoberfest. Srsly, Jeopardy, have me on with Weimar Republic category. I be kick its ass.

Once upon a time, was a drabble. *hysterical laughter*

It's more than twice as long as any other fic I've ever posted.

This is actually great, because I love the thing, and now I know that I can do this - perform superhuman feats of sleep deprivation in service to writing. If I can hit this zone with original stuff, I'll be published in no time.

I've discovered a source of anxiety only a borderline dyslexic Fullmetal Alchemist fic writer can understand. The one that makes you toss and turn at night, feverishly muttering to yourself, Right arm, left leg. RIGHT arm... LEFT leg. 'cause, dude. I bet people will jump all over your shit if you screw that one up.

1. Honestly, I have never internalized that knowledge. If I need to know, I have to deduce it from scratch every time. Like: mime writing something. Say to self: OK, I know I'm right-handed. Therefore...
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I had a cracktastic crossover dream last night! It featured House and Wilson on the Black Pearl. House and Jack got into a loud and lengthy discussion in which House said they could get the Pearl to lie closer to the wind by restowing her hold, and Jack offered to throw House's cane overboard if he so much as looked at the rigging funny. Meanwhile, Wilson and Will were discreetly shagging each other senseless, which Elizabeth and I enjoyed for a bit. But then she became annoyed that she couldn't join in, so we hatched a plan to force them to shag less discreetly, make House and Jack jealous, and eventually restore everyone to their proper partner(s). Someone (not me) could probably actually make that work, if they gave in to the crack and ran with it.

Further musings on pairings )

In other news, Anya does not grok that when I throw something, I don't have it anymore.
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Vegan "fish" sticks: OMG yum. I couldn't find kelp granules (OK, I felt too lazy to go to Whole Foods for them), so I used Old Bay seasoning and about half a sheet of nori, shredded, and it worked fine.

I got my Battlestar Galactica DVDs. Hurrah! I don't ship anyone yet, and I don't see any HoYay yet, sadly. My neighbor laughed at me when I called Baltar "that vaguely sinister hottie" after seeing just two episodes of season 2. It's all her fault that I'm hooked. She doesn't have cable and asked me to Tivo it for her, and I had just set my Season Pass when they showed a bunch of season 2 eps leading up to the season 3 premiere. So I watched them, and the rest is history.

The kitties need a new scratching post, and I think I'm going to splurge on one of those really nice tree ones.

Got two books to ship in the next week; really should be working.


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