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1. Go to the top of the Space Needle
2. Eat at Canlis
3. Visit the rainforest
4. Drive out to see actual ocean
5. Satisfy my nagging narrative curiosity as to what would happen if I kissed [name omitted to protect the guilty]
6, etc. Other stuff I haven't thought of yet


ETA: Yes, moving back to Chattanooga to be with my family is the plan. Now you don't have to ask. I am getting old enough that it is beginning to think about occurring to me that I don't have unlimited time in which to be with my parents. Plus, I have to be the best aunt ever, which is hard to do from 2500 miles away. Plus, the real estate.

If any of you crazy creative out-of-the-box thinkers can figure out a way I can see more of them without having to leave Cascadia, please share, but bear in mind that flying once a year is just about too much pain and suffering for me already.
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OK, folks who have lived in Chatanooga more recently than I (i.e., anyone who's lived there since '93). What is the neighborhood or nearby town least likely to induce culture shock in a spoiled-by-blue-states bleeding-heart liberal girl accustomed to buying organic cat food, cilantro, lattes, pho, and other such things whenever the fancy strikes her?

If I told my folks I was thinking about moving back, they would LOSE THEIR SHIT. But I am wondering if I might be OK there.


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