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Why am I so passionate about the gay-marriage issue?

Well, first of all, I'm not an asshole. True love is rare enough and important enough that when two people find it together, it should be celebrated, not condemned.

Also? The people who want to take away my gay friends' rights don't like me either. If they get the idea that forcing their morality on others is OK, they're coming for me next.

And now back to this journal's regularly scheduled content. Here's a guide.

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The part of my subconscious that does the casting for my dreams really seems to have gotten over her passive-aggressiveness. Last night I dreamed I was a Companion teaching this nice young man named Malcolm the ways of love. :) He was about 19 and all sweet and unguarded and innocent, because even my dreams are canonically sound, damn it.

I think the root of the problems I was having with the casting director and the writers' room is that they're music snobs, because they only ever gave me trouble with musicians. There may be one asshole up there saying "Hey, let's send Charles instead!" but the rest of them take the Wrens seriously enough that they'd be like, "Dude, Charles and Kev are not at all the same thing."

I'd like to get in there and ask them, "Where was this quality control when you couldn't tell the difference between Stone Gossard and Mike McCready?"

And they'd be like, "Hey lady, we don't listen to Pearl Jam. In fact, we thought you were here to compliment us on the brilliant use of Iron & Wine in the soundtrack."

Even if I could confront them, though, I probably wouldn't. You never know what they might do. They could say, "That's it; no more Johnny Depp for you ever."


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