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For a taciturn character, Gracia sure has a lot to say.

Unfortunately, this story is supposed to be from Beth's perspective. (I think I'm having a hard time concentrating on it because I find the older characters more interesting than the college-age ones. The older ones have all that great baggage and history.)

Wee piece of the magician story that doesn't fit )

And in case anyone from St A's is reading this, the person from whom I blatantly stole Cal's last name was B's dad ('cause he was my History of Magic professor), not B himself. :-)


Nov. 10th, 2006 03:06 pm
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I kind of wish I hadn't gotten the urge to write FMA fic when I already have a work in progress that takes place in a world where magic works, and in which the main character is a young man named Edward. Who isn't in his own time, and who's blond. D'OH.
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It looks like what I have here is two separate but intertwined stories, such that I have to build them both at once, supporting each other. The second story is scaffolding that will mostly get pulled out from under the first, but it has to be there during construction. sigh

It's possible that the side story starts this way instead )
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So I've been working on my post-apocalyptic fairytale for a long time. One of my characters can step into an alternate universe. I realized that when he does, he's taking someone's place. Then I wondered what it must have done to his other half, who senses the truth of what's happening to him but thinks it means he's insane. There really isn't room for that story in the book I'm writing.

But the character wouldn't shut up )
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my favorite piece of the post-apocalyptic fairy tale so far )

It's almost too fun to be in Jordan's point of view.
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This is how it starts )

(6/9: Cleaned up the formatting, finally. 7/13/07: web site go bye bye. Stuck it in here.)

I'm dissatisfied with this piece, though, because the reader really ought to know right off the bat that my main character is eleven years old, but I couldn't gracefully fit it into this.

One of the kittens has gotten on top of the bookshelves, and I think she forgot how to get down. They do that sometimes. :-)


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