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Like clicking the "fic" tag, but this way you get organization and a little commentary.

Comments on stories are always welcome and appreciated, even if the fic is ancient by intertubes standards!

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More humanstuck high school AU Davesol!
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Shift, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being Uncool
Chapter 3

For once in your life, you're afraid that the thing you say will be the wrong thing )
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Part 2 of whatever this Dave/Sollux thing is! Humanstuck highschool AU, from a long-ago kinkmeme prompt. (Part 1 here.)

You realize that, alarmingly, your inability to stop staring at his hair is mutating into an urge to touch it )
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I have this bad habit of keeping a list of kink meme prompts I totally intend to fill someday, but never getting around to it, or getting around to it so damn late that replying in the meme itself would just be stupid.

I was trying to take a nap today, and a fill started writing itself in my head. I blame the fugue-like state of sleep deprivation. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

The original prompt went like this:
I'd really love to see Dave/Sollux. Like, either a human high school AU or something or even just everyone finally meets in person, whatever. Dave meets Sollux and finds him...too attractive. And his lisp is so distracting, and Dave isn't sure why, but it's incredibly sexy and Sollux himself is really adorable to boot. And Dave actually worries about his apparent lack of eating/sleeping regularly.

bonus if side mentions of karkat/john or john/vriska
s-sob this anon would really love a human AU but anything is fine anon just really want dave/sollux interaction and maybe eventual light smut and *dat lisp*.

So, anon long lost to the mists of time, here's part 1 for you. Humanstuck highschool AU, no title yet.

he's really just a trainwreck of uncool, and you're rubbernecking at it with your cameraphone out )
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I need to stop reading comments on political sites, I really do. It makes me ragey.

But I have invented the gay-marriage drinking game to make reading the comments tolerable!

Take a drink every time someone says:

1. So now people will want to marry their dogs/siblings/eight people!

(Because a dog can totally enter into a legal contract, and incest and polygamy have exactly the same legal issues as this.)

2. Marriage is only for making babies!

(Because, as we all know, people who are infertile, past child-bearing age, or just don't want kids aren't allowed to get married.)

3. The Bible says it's wrong!

(Because our laws are based on the Bible, as we can plainly see by the law stating you have to marry your sister-in-law if your brother dies.)

4. It'll destroy the sanctity of marriage!

(Because straight people never cheat on their spouses, get divorced, or do anything to cheapen marriage.)

5. All you perverts in favor of gay marriage are going to hell!

(Because it's not like there's anything in the Bible that says God's the only one who can truly judge people, right?)

6. Gay people have exactly the same rights as straight people: the right to marry someone of the opposite gender!

(Because if it were the other way around, I'm sure people who say this would be perfectly happy marrying someone of their own gender. It's exactly the same right, after all.)

And hey, if we all get smashed, it probably won't seem so insane that so many hate-filled bigots have nothing better to do than scream about what people they don't even know do with their private lives.
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This would be my little-used personal journal. I'm trying to get better about that, and not leave it neglected for so long. I'm not using my LJ personal journal at all anymore; there are virtual boards on the virtual windows.

RP kids:
Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill | Scorched | [personal profile] moarnomsplz
Mello | Sanctum | [personal profile] down_to_nowhere
Matt | Kannagara (not officially moving yet, but I made the journal just in case) | [personal profile] mightstealyrcar
Mello | Soul Campaign (ditto) | [personal profile] want_the_world
The Ellimist | homeless/the kind of troll who doesn't have grey skin | [personal profile] ellimist

And my musebox, [community profile] darkluna_muse. There's nothing there yet.
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I think of Zee every time I hear "Hunger Strike."

I think of how, every time we went to Discovery Park together, as we approached the lighthouse, one of us would burst into song.


Zee or I would sing, in a big old goofy deep voice.


the other would inevitably chime in, right on cue. It was awesome.

My favorite Zee joke of all time, maybe, was when she said, "You know how in that video, they show the band in tall grass, but they always show Eddie alone? That's because the band was in tall grass, but Eddie was just in regular grass."
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I'm not sure, but I have to immortalize it:

"Seerow's Kindness should be renamed to Elfangor's Fuckery" --[livejournal.com profile] perivates

That is all. ♥
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Title: Anthropology Lessons
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Elfangor (Animorphs)/Matt (Death Note)
Warnings: Dirty, cross-fandom, semi-cross-species ridiculousness?
Word Count: 1410
Notes: How did this happen? Two words: panfandom roleplay. These two are bros at Kannagara. The kind of bros who may or may not flirt all the time. And turn every meme thread they touch to porn. This was written for Kanna's comment!fic meme. In my defense? If that's possible? Elfangor looks like this in human morph. XD

their loev is so derpy )
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Title: Breaking Point
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Mello/Matt
Warnings: Language, slash, abuse of second person.
Word Count: 850
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] hentai_contest's "angry sex" prompt.
Summary: You're sure he does it on purpose.

we're both broken in our own little ways )
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One big thing I remember about 9/11 didn't happen that day. It happened when air traffic started again in San Francisco after the attacks.

At the time, I worked in a building that stands right by the bay, by the Dumbarton bridge, in the flight path of planes landing at SFO. I would go up to the 10th-floor balcony to smoke. I was up there when I saw the first plane I had seen in the air since that day. It sounded so loud. There are sounds you only notice by their absence, like the hum of a computer or central heat and air, or planes going over. I'd been living with that absence, and it was almost frightening when it changed.

I stood there and watched that plane as it went all the way past me across the water, down to where I knew the runway was. When I looked down at the people walking on the path by the water, I could see that they had all stopped, and they were all watching the plane too. We all watched it until it was safely on the ground.

I never knew any of those people, never spoke to them, or knew their names or how they felt watching something--a plane in the sky, such a simple thing--that had once been so commonplace that one would never even think about it, but carried enough of a weight in that moment that we all stopped in our tracks and watched its passing. But I would bet they remember that plane.
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I trust the people on my friends list not to be asshats, but I don't trust every random person who might be reading my journal, so I'll make this clear:

Do not cross-post your comments to any of my LJ entries to Twitter, FaceBook, or anywhere else.

If I wanted to be on those sites, I would be. I don't, and I'm not.

There's a Greasemonkey script to get rid of the irritating ticky boxes in the comment form here.
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I haven't done a music quiz in a while.

These are lines that I love, though I can't always explain why. The first thing I think of when I get on this topic isn't on the list, because it's purely instrumental: the piano coda at the end of "Layla." (The lack of said coda is a major point in my rant about why the unplugged version is an abomination, but I won't subject you, dear friends list, to that right now.) Guess the most songs, win... I dunno. The right to request a short piece of writing from me? I do icons, too. :D

don't tell me all my love's in vain )
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I keep thinking I should write a cookbook called The Lazy Vegetarian, because, as I said on Plurk, I'm a food snob, but I'm usually too lazy to make food-snob food. Every once in a while, I like to make something crazy that uses every pot I own and takes all day, but for everyday dinners, I want things with almost no labor involved.

The other day, I made a yummy dinner that was super-easy, but looks complicated, because it's colorful and pretty, and has a sauce.

veggie burritos with chimichurri sauce )
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Looking through old poetry, and wow, is it mostly terrible. Here's one [livejournal.com profile] sunsingergirl has seen the last two lines of, mostly because they were the only decent part. XD

click if you dare! )

I hardly remember what it was like to be the girl who wrote that. I remember the things that happened to me, sure, but believing so completely that there was someone out there for me? Not so much anymore.

The thing about that belief that there was this mystical person I was supposed to be with was that it was never the person I was with, or not for very long. I believed in the quest more than the finding. In the wanting more than the having. I think I'm happier now that I don't believe it anymore, but sometimes I miss the girl who could think the universe was conspiring on her behalf, even if she couldn't see how it was moving, or what it would bring.

My characters mostly still believe in someone they're meant to be with, and my narratives seem to as well, which is kind of odd. Hell, half of the princes' story is based on Richard thinking Beth is his soulmate. Which I've tried to subvert, because his belief is based on a misinterpretation of a half-overheard discussion of a magician's foreknowledge. Basically, he thinks there's a prophecy that the woman he's supposed to fall in love with will "know him for who he is," i.e., a time-travelling prince. Only Beth doesn't, really, and the fragment of conversation actually refers to Beth knowing Richard's brother is an untrained magician. I thought it would be interesting to explore what he would do with the knowledge that the external validation of his feelings he'd counted on was wrong. (Not to spoil anyone, but I'm pretty sure he decides it's the choice that matters.)

As a side note, Beth totally, canonically, ships the older couple, Cal and Gracia.

About half the characters I play believe in love and destiny and all that shit too. Though possibly the vehemence with which Surlier doesn't believe cancels out the faith of the others, heh.
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At work, I've gotten four messages in the last three days from this one author, cc'ing everyone he can think of, apparently, and yelling at us to fix "a 'critical' error" (histrionic, incorrect quotes his) in his article. What is this "critical" (sarcastic quotes mine) error, you might ask?

Per our guidelines, when I copyedited it, I changed the order of the corresponding authors' email addresses to match the order of the author list, thereby making his name second.

Yeahhh. I think the earth just wobbled on its axis.


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