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Title: Anthropology Lessons
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Elfangor (Animorphs)/Matt (Death Note)
Warnings: Dirty, cross-fandom, semi-cross-species ridiculousness?
Word Count: 1410
Notes: How did this happen? Two words: panfandom roleplay. These two are bros at Kannagara. The kind of bros who may or may not flirt all the time. And turn every meme thread they touch to porn. This was written for Kanna's comment!fic meme. In my defense? If that's possible? Elfangor looks like this in human morph. XD

Anthropology Lessons

Matt didn't have many rules for living. One of them was: Don't push Mello when his eyes do that scary thing, you know the one. He was starting to think another needed to be: When you're chemically altered around Elfangor, don't touch anything.

Unfortunately, the wisdom of that rule didn't occur to him until he was already nuzzling Elfangor's neck pretty blatantly. Never mind the warm arm thrown around his shoulders, or the pleasant buzz from the weed, or a weird sense of déjà vu, he'd really gotten no indication nuzzling was welcome. Had he?

Matt pulled away, knowing all too well that his face was flushed. "Um, sorry? You smell really good?"

Stop talking before you think you're done was another good rule.

Elfangor looked perplexed, which... fair enough. "Why are you sorry, and why are you stopping?"

"Well, um. The last time I got high with someone hot? Things happened. That weren't such good ideas. And also made everything weird."

"You think I will be 'weird' with you after this." The quotes were subtle, but Matt definitely heard them. "By that logic, should I not have the same concern?"

Matt laughed. "Honestly? I've kinda been crushing on you since that hacking thing. Plus, have you seen you?"

"Have you seen you?"

Matt just blinked at him.

"I am not sure you have." And suddenly Elfangor's hand was around his wrist, and Matt was being pulled down the hall and out the door, and spun around to face his reflection in the dark window.

"How'd you--"

"Shh." A soft breath against his ear, and he watched Elfangor loop an arm around shadowy-Matt's chest, run his thumb across his mouth. Matt heard his own breath catch, saw his eyes go wide in the window. He still looked like a goofy geek. A geek who was turning his head, though Matt was pretty sure he hadn't given himself permission to do any such thing, and sucking at the thumb propped at his lips. Elfangor groaned, and slid his arm down to pull Matt in tighter against his chest.

"Here is an interesting fact about species without mouths. If they end up with one somehow, they tend to be orally fixated."

"Yeah?" Matt said, which was actually a triumph of the power of speech, because Elfangor was demonstrating, nipping at his neck, tugging his shirt aside to lick along his shoulder, and Matt was forgetting every rule for living he'd ever devised. "Well. Chainsmoker here, so."

Elfangor laughed in a rumble that seemed to go right down Matt's spine and settle in somewhat lower. "Like our computers, the Andalite oral fixation is more advanced than the human version."

"You're never gonna let me forget tha-- oh." So much for the power of speech. Matt just gave up on it when Elfangor dragged his tongue back, agonizingly slowly, over Matt's shoulder, up his neck, scraped his teeth at the corner of his jaw.

"Wow." More déjà vu. "I-- I think you've been there before."

Elfangor gave a thoughtful hum, pulled away just enough to murmur, "I plan to be here again."

"Fuck, you can live there if you want."

That drew another laugh, and Elfangor met Matt's eyes in their reflection. "Have you really been interested in me since 'that hacking thing,' as you put it?"

"Um. Kinda?"

"And yet, you did not notice that I have been flirting with you since before then?" He gave Matt's neck another nip.

"You have?"

"Mm-hm." He traced around Matt's ear with the tip of his tongue, and Matt shivered.

"W- was I flirting back?"

"Mm-hm." A tug of teeth at his earlobe.

"So I'm not completely hopeless," Matt said, then went and totally disproved that by blurting out, "Are you gonna kiss me or not?"

"Oh, fuck, yes." Elfangor turned Matt halfway around, and dove for his mouth, and Matt knotted one hand into his hair and one into his shirt, and just clung. It wasn't just that Elfangor was an amazing kisser, he made these noises, a moan when he sucked at Matt's tongue, an encouraging hum when Matt pressed closer and got bold enough to nibble at his lower lip. Elfangor was gratifyingly breathless when they broke apart. "You... are delicious."

"Heh, I dunno about that."

"This is why you need to look at yourself, not at me." Elfangor nodded toward the window, and Matt looked, helplessly, as Elfangor moved down, gave Matt's shirt a playful tug with his teeth, then rucked it up, and hey wait, wrong direction. But Matt couldn't bring himself to object too strongly. Elfangor's hair seemed like a good place to settle his hands, and that seemed like an even better idea when it meant Matt could clutch him closer when he kissed his way up his chest and sucked at a nipple.

Elfangor sank down onto his knees and started working at getting Matt's jeans open, still mouthing at his ribs, his stomach, with a muffled moan that almost made Matt believe that thing about being delicious.

Then he had to look at the real-life version of things, because Elfangor was peeling his jeans and boxers away, and tracing Matt's hipbone with his tongue, and wow, Matt never knew his own skin was so sensitive there.

Elfangor looked up with him with a skewed grin Matt realized he'd seen before. Holy crap, he has been flirting with me. He could hardly think straight enough to make up for lost time now, but he tried anyway. "So, uh. How advanced are we talking?"

"Very." And before Matt could come up with a suitably snarky, flirty reply, Elfangor curled his hands around his hips and swallowed him down.

Matt was pretty sure he cried out. He knew he was babbling. "Oh god, you-- I think you. Just won."

A slow slide up, a slower one back down, and Matt thought maybe Elfangor was showing off a little, with that drag and flick of his tongue, and the barest touch of teeth, exactly rough enough, and a low hum that made Matt shiver again and give up on trying not to rock into his mouth.

At which point Elfangor lifted his head, and Matt choked back something a lot like a sob of protest.

"Look," Elfangor said, with another glance at the window. "At you."

"But. You're better to look at."

Elfangor didn't budge, except to dig his nails into Matt's hips a little more.

Matt looked. Mussed, stunned-looking geek with his jeans around his ankles. Gorgeous tease of an alien whose mouth still wasn't back on him. "Wh- why?"

"Because." Elfangor took a long, slow lick up his length, and Matt watched his reflection's mouth fall open, saw his shoulders curl as he tensed even more. "As charming as it is..." Another lick, slower, if that was even possible. Matt couldn't see it in the glass, but he was shaking by now. "Your belief that I would not want you..." A swirl of his tongue around the tip, not slow at all, and Matt whimpered, only because that was better than screaming. "Means it took us far too long to get here."

Matt watched himself struggle for breath enough to answer. He looked... shameless, and desperate, and... yeah, okay, kind of hot. "I-- fuck, I believe you, just. Elfangor, please."

A moan, and he wrapped his mouth around Matt again, as if the teasing had been driving him nuts too; and Matt shuddered right away, drowning in heat, dizzy with all of this, and let his release crash over him.

Elfangor held on tighter, throat working as he swallowed, and was up in time to catch Matt before he could slump over into a limp, happy heap.

"God damn, you're good." Matt leaned in for a gasping, haphazard kiss, and he could taste himself on Elfangor's lips, and that... was kind of hot, too.

"I won't say I told you so..."

Now that Matt could think something like coherently again, he grinned, sliding a hand down Elfangor's chest. "That's a cheating way of saying you told me so."

"Is it..." The last word was more of a breath as Matt slipped his hand farther down and just pressed.

Matt had to lean over and lick a quick swipe at Elfangor's neck, shifting his fingers to curl, just a little. "You do realize," he said. "I've gotta at least try to make a case for my species."

Date: 2010-11-21 11:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] faolan228.livejournal.com
...The thing is, I'm young enough that my time in the Animorphs and Death Note fandoms overlapped, one coming pretty much right after the other.

Good news is, no childhood has been destroyed. I just kinda want to pat them both on the back. XD

Date: 2010-11-22 12:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] darkluna.livejournal.com
:D :D :D

The thing that cracks me up is that every time they're in a meme together, they're basically crawling into each other's clothes within about 15 tags. In-game? Matt really hasn't realized they're flirting yet.


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